About Us

The Chinese Community Development Partnership (CCDP) is a company limited by guarantee and a recognised Scottish charity. It is the central point of contact and information between the Chinese community and the local authorities, public bodies and voluntary organisations. The project is primarily funded by the Glasgow City Council (from the Integrated Grant Fund) and donations (from member organisations and individual members).


CCDP was established in 1994 as a direct result of the close attention given by the Race Equality Sub-committee of the Strathclyde Regional Council to the needs of the Chinese community.

Until then, there had been a lack of a central point of contact for the Chinese community in Glasgow. This created difficulties for the public service providers dealing with the Chinese as well as for members of the community requiring public services. The establishment of CCDP provided the central point of contact and it has proved to be an effective link between the service providers and the Chinese community.


CCDP is an umbrella body. Under this umbrella are 15 Chinese organisations including the Chinese School, the Chinese Christian Church, the Kat O Buddhist Association, the Chinese Women’s Association, the Wing Hong Elderly Centre, and the Chinese Parents’ Association.

In 2008, we expanded our membership to include not only organisations but also individual members. The number of individual members has grown steadily, especially since the closure of the Chinese Healthy Living Centre in 2009 and of the San Jai Chinese Project in 2010. We now have over 700 individual members.


CCDP has a board of 10 directors who are either representatives of our member organisations or members of the Chinese community whose areas of expertise cover language, education, human resources, management and accountancy. It is well equipped to advise, supervise and monitor the staff team.


Our aims are to advance the education of the public, in particular, the Chinese community, in all aspects of Chinese culture and language; to preserve and protect the health and well being of the Chinese community and to promote racial harmony.

Our objectives are:

  • To liaise with existing Chinese community organisations and help them establish a close working relationship which is mutually beneficial and will enable them to further develop opportunities for improving the quality of life of the Chinese comm
  • To assist Chinese community organisations to promote cultural exchange with the local community.
  • To make balanced representations on behalf of the community with regard to welfare rights, race equality and equal opportunities.
  • To assist the Chinese community in developing and maintaining effective liaison with the local authorities and other public bodies, voluntary organisations and community groups.
  • To provide the Chinese community with the information, advice and assistance they require.