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Get a Chinese – stories of the Chinese community inside and outside the Chinese take-away

‘Get a Chinese’ is an 18-month oral history project funded by Heritage Lottery Fund.

The project focuses on the migration history of Chinese who arrived in Scotland between 1950s and 70s. Following the end of the Second World War, Hong Kong started to progress into an industrialized economy. Traditional ways of life in villages in the New Territories of Hong Kong collapsed. Villages in remote areas were in lack of education and job opportunities for the youngsters. In order to release the social tensions building up in the New Territories, the British Hong Kong Government encouraged young villagers to exercise their right of abode in the United Kingdom and find job in the UK. Between 1950s and 1970s, many young villagers from New Territories of Hong Kong migrated to the UK. Most of them worked in Chinese eateries as means of living and then started up their own business. Their personal stories help to explore getting through daily lives as ethnic minority individuals with very limited or even no language skills and reflect aspects of Scottish society back in those days.