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Chinese New Year Celebration 2017 – The Year of Rooster


With the £3,980.00 grant from the Big Lottery Fund – Celebrate, CCDP hosted a one-day event to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2017. The objective of the event was to promote the multi-cultural spirit, draw crowds of different ethnic background for community harmony, and as a reciprocal opportunity for the Chinese to integrate with the community. It was a huge success and there were over 450 people participated in the event, including over 18 stall workers and 29 volunteers from the Chinese community.

Of all the festivals, the Chinese New Year is the most important festival to the Chinese.  Regardless of where their roots are, the majority of Chinese do actively carry out ceremonial celebrations.  Indeed celebration of Chinese New Year has become quite a global event in all large cities elsewhere outside of China.

The day of Chinese New Year in 2017, the year of Rooster, was on the 28 of January.  CCDP held a Chinese New Year celebration on the 29 of January 2017 at the Maryhill Community Central Halls from 11:30am to 4:00pm. The event had two sessions. The first session started at 11:30am at the Grovepark Hall with various activities stalls.

In addition to showcasing the Chinese culture, the stalls incorporated a climate change theme as part of our Chinese Climate Change project.  Fun and educational activities such as making of cheese cake with zero waste food concept, woodcraft to promote activities in the woodland, recycling workshops with Chinese elements, etc. were provided at the event.

The stalls were closed at 1:00pm. After the closure of the stalls, the participants continued with the second session at the Reid Hall to watch the performances. The performances included lion dance, Chines opera, cultural dance, playing of Chinese musical instruments, etc.